Financial Coaching Sessions

First, you'll have to book the introductory session with us to determine your eligibility. Once we confirm your eligibility to join our coaching group, we will schedule a discovery session to dive deep into your finances. After that discovery session, we'll schedule special package sessions. 

Step 1: Introductory Session

1-on-1 Introductory Session (20 min)

1-on-2 Couple's Introductory Session (30 min)

Step 2: Discovery Session

1-on-1 Discovery Session (2 hours)

1-on-2 Couple's Discovery Session (2 hours)

Step 3: Financial Wellness Sessions

1-Month FIRE Up Program (4 Sessions)

4-Month FIRE Ball Program (10 Sessions)

6-Month FIRE Storm Program (14 Sessions)

12-Month FIRE Proof Program (26 Sessions)